How To Root Android Phone 1-click Tutorial with Kingo ROOT

Google has banned all rooting apps from Android Play Store. You can find them outside of the market, in other websites and forums. In order to install them, you must first enable apps installations from unknown sources under Settings > Security menu.

Rooted devices are far less secure; in case of phone theft or loss, your device and data can be easily hijacked, reset and sold, which is against Google’s efforts to make Android more secure.

We keep this article and video for documentary purposes only.


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  • How To Root LG G Android Phone?
  • How To Root Google Nexus Android Phone?

Rooting Android device can give you certain administrative privileges, which are necessary for some apps to work. For example, to install a custom ROM operating system version, uninstall factory pre-installed bloatware, use Super SU or various advanced screen recorders and capturing apps, and so on. But, this will lower your device security, since some malicious apps could access core system files and modify them.

In any case, if you need to root it, you’ll need to perform at least several steps like download, install and use rooting tools by yourself.

Google Android

Google Android

Could all this get any easier?

Kingo ROOT is a new approach to this problem, allowing you to simply root your device and reverse/undo root at any given point in time in the future. Additionally, it will install itself in the app form as a simple root manager which will mediate all access on your device by manual user confirmation input. This tends to solve potentially dangerous practice of rooting.

There is an early work to install Kingo ROOT directly as a one-time run app format, without any need for USB cables, Windows OS and so on, but we did not had any luck with this “direct” method so far (app failed to root our Sony Xperia ST15i). Standard approach presented in below video tutorial, however, worked like a charm (confirmed several times).

Here is a super-easy way to root or unroot your Android phone/tablet with single-click Kingo ROOT app.


STEP 1: Enable USB Debugging on your Android Phone

STEP 2: Connect your Phone and PC via USB Cable (Windows will offer you to “fix” your Android’s SD card drive just cancel / close all pop-up windows)

STEP 3: Download Kingo ROOT app from website and install it. Once installed, click on Kingo ROOT icon to run the rooting app.

Rooting takes 10-15 minutes and also depends on your internet connection speed – many files are downloaded in background. If you have a firewall, you need to grant Kingo ROOT internet access.

STEP 4: Root Succeeded

STEP 5: Verify ROOT Access on your phone with any root check app


STEP 6: Remove ROOT access (Undo Root procedure). Re-connect your Android device via USB cable to the same PC, and run Kingo ROOT app again. Now, you will see two new options: (1) Remove Root and (2) Root Again. Select Remove Root and sit back until it’s done (usually takes 2-3 minutes).

STEP 7: remove Kingo ROOT app from your phone/tablet. Disconnect your device via USB and go to Settings > Apps, select Kingo ROOT app and uninstall it. DONE!