IP Address Aggregator is a utility developed to automate minimization process and convert bunch of IPv4 addresses into smallest continuous range(s) possible. IP aggregation is commonly performed by network engineers working with BGP & routers. This utility will help webmasters to configure server firewalls, apache .htaccess files, address masks and so on.

Basic Usage

IP Address Aggregation Tool accepts various IP address formats for input (scroll to Input Format Examples for more details). Enter IP Address list in a block of text (one IP Address or range per line) into IP Address Ranges input area. Alternatively, enter ASN (Autonomous System Number). Select desired output format and click submit button. It will automatically discard any non-recognised or invalid address text. Please note that because of cidr-report.org issues, ASN Mode is not 100% reliable service. Use manual IP Mode instead if you receive 0 results with supplied ASN.


In order to get valid IP Address ranges from ASN (Autonomous System Number), enter a valid ASN in the ASN Mode input form below, select desired Output format and press SUBMIT or ENTER key. Valid input ASN format examples: 5555 or AS5555

Additional Tips

PeerBlock rules are supported with WHY field supplied and RANGE output format selected.

ZB Block special WHY and WHY ASN fields are optional additional descriptions used along with ZBB output format.

IP Address Filtering / Extraction

There is one additional (bonus) application of IP Address Aggregator you can use: if you need to extract / filter individual IPs from e.g. your log table containing various text, timestamps and URLs per line along the desired IP, you can paste it's content into IP Address Ranges input box, select any output mode (irrelevant) and extracted (accepted) individual IPs and ranges will appear back in IP Mode input box as single IP / Range per line.

Once processed click on Copy To Clipboard button to directly copy results into memory and paste it anywhere else.


IP Mode

ASN Mode



This is where the results will appear. (max: 128k text)

Input textarea accepts:

- IPv4 and/or IPv4/Prefix (CIDR notation)
- and/or IPv4/Subnet-Mask
- and/or IPv4 Range

Input Format Examples:

- -

The utility will pick out & aggregate all the IP/CIDR/Mask/Ranges
from within a block of text pasted into the text-box (max: 128k)

Alternatively, enter ASN (eg AS5089 or 5089) (slower) and the current page from cidr-report.org will be used.

Choose one of available formats (CIDR / Mask / Range / B-N / HTACCESS / ZBBLOCK).

Output Format Examples:

- Mask
- Range -
- Bad-Neighbours | http://forums.modem-help.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=2015
- Apache server .htaccess
- ZB-Block | http://www.spambotsecurity.com/zbblock.php