VPS.me Review Free VPS – Stay Away From It!

It is time for another hosting review here at TehnoBlog.org. This time we will review a VPS.me hosting provider who claims to also offer a complitely “free VPS” servers in 140 countries all over the world, along their paid Premium service. Is it really true?

VPS.me Free VPS – Stay Away From It!

VPS.me Logo

VPS.me Logo

Once you take a bite and actually register leaving your FULL PERSONAL DETAILS, including home address and mobile (cell) phone number (for registration confirmation via SMS purposes, which, btw. does not seem to work), you will end-up inside a nice looking Control Panel:

VPS.me - Country Unavailable #1

VPS.me – Country Unavailable #1

However, you may notice in your account’s Status column that free plan is not available in your country and that you should choose a paid service plan instead. I mean, what are the odds that you live in one of the 20 non-supported one, out of 140 already supported as the company claims?

VPS.me - Country Unavailable #2

VPS.me – Country Unavailable #2

Well, isn’t this nice and all? After you completed the registration form, leaving your full personal details, including home address and mobile phone number, you end up with a funny message that tells you to pay instead. We believe that this warning should be presented to potential customers during the registration process, not afterwards!

VPS.me - User Registration Form

VPS.me – User Registration Form

Now, let’s take a look at their support Forum and see if we can find some interesting stuff there. Oh, look, a huge amount of SPAM offering fake IDs, passports, new identities etc.

VPS.me - Forum User Complaints and Account Removal Requests

VPS.me – Forum User Complaints and Account Removal Requests

How is this convenient? A website that tries to attract new customers, taking their personal data, has a charming amount of SPAM offering fake identities at the same time? Now, this *might* be a pure coincidence, but don’t you see any connection, Sherlock?

VPS.me - Forum User Complaints Personal Details Collection Issue

VPS.me – Forum User Complaints Personal Details Collection Issue

And finally, VPS.me Website & Company Information:

VPS.me - Company Information Details

VPS.me – Company Information Details

It is registered in Cyprus, where many offshore companies resides. Isn’t it strange that a hosting provider company does not use it’s own resources for, erhm, hosting their own website? Instead, it is hosted by Hostinger International Ltd (which is a legit hosting/reseller service – update: in fact, Hostinger might be the owner of VPS.me!). Now, can’t say more if this is an actual legit company, to some extent it probably is, but the way that they are treating new customers should be changed.

Interestingly enough, on VPS.me Facebook page they announced that their free VPS quota limit has been reached back in January 2014, and that the follow-up update should come soon, yet, it never came. And their website still accepts new requests and registrations. Hmm…

VPS.me Facebook Announcement

VPS.me Facebook Announcement

Just stay out of it is most probably the best step you can take! ;)

Article Update: there is one interesting review of VPS.me from 2012, a period when they actually offered at least some service, but nowadays it again looks like a scam. SMS validation was also not working back then, then it got fixed, but as of today it does not work again. They really need to put their act together, if they wish to avoid these kind of reviews and start doing thing the honest way or simply shut down the entire operation.

Another Update: even more interesting discussion, which confirms our experience and doubts.



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