Loudspeaker Cone Repair with Vacuum Cleaner

I digged some old and still nice speakers from my basement, but on one of the speakers the central portion of the cone technicaly known as a ‘dust cover’ was pressed towards inside, so I thought of some kind of vacuum to pull it back. It’s not perfect since its old cone and it certanly does not affect the sound quality, but its a great idea anyway worth sharing.



Note: pictured above is Ratho-Hamburg RTO WR-200P model (polypropylene-cone membrane) and in my video is ordinary WR-200 (paper-cone model).

My vacuum cleaner isn’t so strong so it was a longer task, ideally the stronger = the better (800-1200 watts) so you can pull it with one or two trials.

PS.  Sorry about the sound, forgot to turn recording mic.



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