32 bit Single Processor Single Core Chess Engine Tournament

Article last updated: June 28, 2015

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32 bit Single CPU Chess Engine Competitions

I am a big chess fan and also like some chess engines out there. Artificial Intelligence in this field is constantly improving and today all top chess engines have a stronger ELO rating than top grandmasters like Magnus Carlsen (Norway) and Viswanathan Anand (India).

Classic Chess Board

Classic Chess Board

But, why this article? In the era of 64-bit computing and multi-processor computer systems with multi-core CPUs there are many top chart lists of engine ratings with score sheet tables and all, but when it comes to a traditional 32-bit computing, those are much harder to find. This is why I have decided to test some top engines at the time of this writing (January 2015) plus some well-known for reference, and see how all compare on an old budget laptop with a single core processor.

32 bit Single Processor Single Core Chess Engine Tournament Score TOP Chart Results
Download results table as image file (PNG format)

Rank Engine Score StockFish Houdini Komodo Deep Rybka Crafty SB
1 Stockfish_14053109_32bit 12,5/16 1=1= 1=11 =1=1 1011  87,00
2 Houdini_4_Pro_w32 11,0/16 0=0= ===1 1111 =111  64,25
3 Komodo51r2-32bit 9,0/16 0=00 ===0 =1=1 1111  46,75
4 Deep Rybka 4.1 w32 6,0/16 =0=0 0000 =0=0 1111  27,50
5 Crafty-23.4-win32 1,5/16 0100 =000 0000 0000  18,00

* SB = Sonneborn Berger score


0 … loss (0 points)
= … draw (0,5 points)
1 … win (1 point)

Total Games Played: 40 (4 games between each engine / total of 16 games per engine)
Maximum Theoretical Score: 16 points (16 wins)
Level: 3 seconds per move (fixed time)
Books: None
Ponder: OFF
Hardware: Intel(R) Celeron(R) M CPU 430 @ 1.73GHz with 1,9 GB Memory
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Build 2600) 32 bit

The above chart contains Crafty and Deep Rybka which are not in the top three, but present purely as a control-group and comparison engines.

ComputerChess.org.uk CCRL 40 Chess Engine Chart 01/2015

ComputerChess.org.uk CCRL 40 Chess Engine Chart 01/2015

Now we can compare this with the current (actual) CCRL 40/40 Top Chart from computerchess.org.uk website and see that there are big differences here: when it comes to 32-bit SC-SP arena Komodo is the 3rd and StockFish is still 1st!


To stand to our claims and increase the credibility of the article, we provide a PGN file of the entire tournament for download (file can be opened with Notepad or similar text editor): StockFish-Houdini-Komodo-Rybka-Crafty Chess Engines Tournament (click to download zip archive)


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