How To Block/Stop/Mute/Hide Android System Apps Notifications?

In ANDROID OS some notifications on your mobile phone or tablet device cannot be turned-off, muted or disabled!

Android Mobile OS – How To Permanently Mute Annoying System Apps Notifications?


  • “Mobile data is disabled”
  • “What’s New App” notifications
  • “System Upgrade App” notifications
  • Any other app* that does not provide turn-off notifications or you simply do not know how

* Note that most “good” apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, various shopping apps, games etc.) provide you with an option to turn-off notifications manually.

WATCH THIS quick video tutorial to find out how to simply and easily fix this problem and never be bothered again by unimportant apps! If the suggested solution is not available for your device model, you can try many other similar apps. They will all, effectively, accomplish the same task.

P.S. Don’t worry! You will still receive notifications about new SMS messages, missed phone calls etc. Those are generated / controlled by a different “Phone” app!


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