Registration Catch – Captcha is a very usefull site for webmasters, web developers and anyone in the hosting business to get an information about IP Address, hosting company etc. However, they have a daily limit for non-registered members to protect their server resources from ‘spam and bots’.




Once you get really annoyed with such a message and actually decide to register in order to remove your daily limit, you will hit another snag – Captcha.

The registration procedure is pretty standard at first, you receive an email confirmation URL in your mailbox, and once you perform that step and login for the first time, you should naturally expect that the nuisance is over. Not so fast!

MYIP.MS Email Registration Confirmation Account Activation

MYIP.MS Email Registration Confirmation Account Activation (click to enlarge)

You will see in your account control panel that your account has a Free Plan status and that it is still UNVERIFIED. Now you actually need to go to a completely new website (which was registered recently this year) and create account for new cryptocurrency ala BitCoin.

MYIP.MS Captcha Account Validation

MYIP.MS Captcha Account Validation (click to enlarge)

You need to do a payment of 45-something coins (amount and hash values in above screenshots are edited for privacy) to EACH MONTH in order to keep your account verified. The whole process is – so called – FREE, however, there is absolutely no explanation about how the verification procedure works, will the amount be refunded to your SpeedCoin wallet after the verification or not.

Seems like a poor marketing in order to promote yet another crypto currency to me. Another reason is the fact that SpeedCoin Captcha enables site owners to make small profits from using their Captcha platform. It is not a bad thing in it’s essence, but the repeating procedure every month is very annoying to end users. This is the reason I advice you NOT to register and just keep using free service. It is not really worth it IMHO. Or try their premium membership, if you like.



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  2. 1. David


    Many IP locations are not up-to-date and they never answer when you contact them to update their database !!!

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