REVIEW Wireless USB Mini-Keyboard for PC Raspberry Pi Ubuntu Windows Android Xbox PlayStation

REVIEW Wireless USB Mini-Keyboard for PC Raspberry Pi Ubuntu Windows Android Xbox PlayStation

Got this little keyboard for under $15 with free shipping. It is actually a great wireless keyboard, very solid build quality, excellent functionality with integrated mouse (touchpad).

USB Wireless Mini Keyboard B

USB Wireless Mini Keyboard B

Keyboard does not come with any software, everything is already pre-programmed and works in most modern operating systems out-of-the-box (most media centers and players work, too!). Under Ubuntu Linux it was recognized as AliTV remote. Touchpad (mouse) resolution can be adjusted with Fn + Space combo keys (hold Fn key and press SPACE key multiple times, then move cursor/mouse to observe speed change).

The wireless keyboard is also a great controller for YouTube videos (from the browser), because you have a direct access to forward/rewind skip and volume buttons (left/right/up/down arrow keys), plus space key to pause video.

Plug & Play

Supports wide range of devices, computers, and operating systems:

– Android / Android TV / Smart TV
– HTPC / Home Theater PCs / Media Center
– Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 / Mac OS / Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora…)
– Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft XBOX


– Excellent build quality
– Smooth rubbery feel keypads
– Compact & Lightweight (WxH approx. 15 x 10 cm / 6 x 4 “, weight 110 grams)

2 Different Models

Model “A”
Comes with Li-Ion internal battery, USB charging feature, and there is an optional backlit model (just be careful when ordering!).

Model “A” is actually a newer version, with minor key differences (notably on the far left and right sides), has a touchpad with gestures (one finger tap = left mouse click, two finger taps = right mouse click, and two fingers up/down scroll = scroll wheel simulation). Personally, we miss the built-in scroll on the touchpad, as it was much more convenient than the 2-fingers scroll in this model.

Model “B”
Works with 2 x AAA 1.5 volts batteries (can be rechargeable NiMH, but you must charge them with separate charger). There are 3 LEDs indicating (1) low battery, (2) touch pad/keys activity, and (3) unknown indicator – it is not explained in the manual.

Both models (A and B) have a 2 resolutions for touch pad, you change while holding Fn key and pressing SPACE key multiple times (it is little confusing, but you will notice change in speed of cursor movement). Very handy!


Overall 5/5 stars. Excellent keyboards that really delivers much fun and usability. We vote for the backlight model, as it is really handy in the evening and low light conditions, plus because of a long-lasting built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery and lower price (go figure…), but all variants are equally great. Highly recommended!


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