Google Chrome Browser: List of common and hidden system bookmarks

Article Last Updated: 25 Dec 2021

This list is a streamlined version with fully working most useful Google Chrome browser shortcuts.

Google Chrome Browser Settings & Hidden Shortcuts

Accessing Google Chrome’s Settings (options) page from official menu can be very inefficient, particularly if you do it on a daily basis. Here is my list of shortcuts when I need to quickly access history, change some settings or see internal stats inside Chrome.

Google Chrome Browser Logo

Google Chrome Browser Logo

What are “Google Chrome URL shortcuts”?

Google Chrome Browser has a very unique feature: beside extending it’s basic functionality with various extensions, you can also access every settings page with a special URL address that you, basically, type in “omni box” / address bar box:

Google Chrome Desktop Browser - System URL Shortut Example

Google Chrome Desktop Browser – System URL Shortut Example

List of (almost) all shortcuts

Shortcut Description URL Path
chrome shortcuts list chrome://chrome-urls/

This is internal list of Chrome’s shortcuts, internals and hidden settings pages. Note that some useful shortcuts listed below are missing in above list!

List of common shortcuts

Shortcut Description URL Path
System (version info, memory usage) chrome://system/
Cookies and other site data chrome://settings/cookies
Extensions chrome://extensions/
Passwords chrome://settings/passwords
Bookmark Manager chrome://bookmarks/
History chrome://history
History Clear / Clear Browsing Data chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
Settings chrome://settings/
Edit Custom Chrome Dictionary chrome://settings/editDictionary
Help / About Chrome chrome://settings/help
Chrome Version Detailed Info chrome://version/
Plugins chrome://plugins/ (obsolete)

List of hidden system internals shortcuts

Shortcut Description URL Path
Conflicts Table chrome://conflicts/
Chrome Cache chrome://cache/
Media Internals chrome://media-internals/
App Cache Internals chrome://appcache-internals/
Hardware Acceleration chrome://gpu
Voice Search Status: * chrome://voicesearch/ (obsolete)

* with Google version 43 update this option became a hot topic, since the unauthorized and not so clear opt-out feature was reportedly installed and activated without user’s consent. This apparently has allowed Google and 3rd party companies to spy on your home. However, this page does not have any direct relationship with the disputed extension. It simply tells you whether devices such as microphone (or camera) are detected or not, and if Chrome has a capability to use them.

List of hidden advanced system settings services shortcuts


Shortcut Description URL Path
Flags (Options) chrome://flags/

What are Google Chrome flags? Flags are special internal browser settings which contain either (1) an important settings which define core browser behavior, (2) experimental features not stable and implemented yet inside currently stable/full version, (3) or features which are obsolete and “ready” to be soon permanently removed in the future releases, but are left for compatibility and user/developers adaptation purposes.

You should never rely on your Chrome customization via flags page, since those options can be easily removed with the very next update!

Google Chrome Debug Tracing Shortcut

Shortcut Description URL Path
Debug / Tracing events chrome://tracing/

You can use above tracing page for Google Chrome debugging in order to see what is going on under the hood. There are several logging tools to log and graphically display all events being fired while the program is running.

Google Chrome Browser Errors & Crash Codes URL

Useful to know: Google Chrome Browser Errors & Crash Codes

Download Google Chrome Special System & Hidden Bookmarks

Google Chrome Desktop Browser - System & Hidden Shortcuts

Google Chrome Desktop Browser – System & Hidden Shortcuts

For your convenience you can DOWNLOAD Google Chrome System and Hidden Favorite Shortcuts (ZIP file, don’t forget to extract! — they will not overwrite / delete your existing bookmarks) and then simply import it back into your browser via Bookmark Manager (note: list updated 25/Dec/2021):

How To Import Bookmarks file into Chrome

Click on 3-dots MENU > Bookmarks > Bookmark manager > click on (another) 3-dots MENU (under main one) > Import bookmarks > then select unzipped file

Google Chrome Desktop Browser 89 - Bookmarks Manager - How To Import Bookmarks

Google Chrome Desktop Browser 89 – Bookmarks Manager – How To Import Bookmarks


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