Voltcraft PHT-01ATC pH Probe Repair

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Inside pH probe meter: Recently I have purchased digital pH probe Voltcraft PHT-01 ATC for my aquarium. I paid only 10 EUR for it, since it was broken, but virtually new.

Voltcraft PHT-01ATC pH Probe Repair Tutorial

Voltcraft PHT-01ATC pH Probe Repair Tutorial

I though I should try to repair it and learn something about pH probes in the process. I was lucky to succed.

Voltcraft PHT-01 ATC is a pH probe with automatic temperature compensation sensor (termistor) integrated into glass and connected with additional pair of wires to the PCB board. After the repair process I plan to add standard BNC connector to the main case, since the probe is now extended with a cable it could be easily replaced with new or expensive probes in the future without throwing the main voltmeter unit.

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