How To Fix Google Chrome Icon Grey Or White Background In Windows 8 / 10 Start Menu

As part of the 10 years anniversary of Chrome browser, and new Material Design overhaul, users may expect the unexpected changes in their favorite browser.

27 Aug 2018 Update

In Google Chrome browser version 69 bright white color (hex color code #FFFFFF) is replaced with a grey color (hex color code #5F6368). Far from ideal as in older versions, but definitely less irritating.


Watch this short video tutorial to learn how to simply fix this issue:



Older Video Tutorial is still available.
It also shows you how to change background with custom color:


13 Aug 2018 Original Article

In recent Google Chrome browser version 68 update new background color scheme was introduced for the Start Menu pinned icon. Nope, this is not another bug in our lovely Chrome! Both 32 and 64 bit and all Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 editions are affected.

How can we deal with the new design change and can we revert it back? Can we make it blue again (technically, it is transparent, and the blue background color is controlled by the Windows theme)? The answer is – Yes!

Google Chrome Grey or White Background Fix


Locate “chrome.VisualElementsManifest.xml” File in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application

You can use a shortcut method here to locate xml file, as shown in updated video above.
You can immediately delete xml file and skip directly to STEP 4 below.


Hit START > start typing “Notepad”
Right-click on Notepad icon > select Run as administrator option
Open “chrome.VisualElementsManifest.xml” file from Notepad File > Open command in Chrome’s location from STEP 1.

TIP: If you don’t see chrome.VisualElementsManifest.xml file in the open dialog, this is because a TXT file filter is active. Look on the right bottom side of the open file window dialog and select All Files mode.


Replace ‘#5F6368‘ or ‘#FFFFFF‘ hexadecimal (hex) color code with ‘transparent‘ word, then SAVE the file changes with Notepad File > Save command.

TIP: If you wish to change this to a custom color, you can search for hex color codes and replace it with a custom one (red, blue, green, and all other variations of).


Still nothing? Well, that’s because we haven’t refreshed our START MENU pinned icon yet!
Right-click on Google Chrome pinned icon > More > click on Open file location
Windows will open another Explorer window with bunch of shortcuts / icons, locate Google Chrome icon > right click on it and click Properties


You should be on Shortcut tab. Click on Change Icon button.
Re-select (select again) Google Chrome icon (yes, it looks the same but it’s not!) and confirm with Admin rights.





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  2. 1. Guest

    I could kiss you. Thanks for this, it was bugging me.

  3. 2. gremlin90000

    thanks so much it worked

  4. 3. Tuyen

    Thank you!

  5. 4. Tom

    Saved me from that hideous eye sore. Thank you so much.

  6. 5. Guest

    This has been driving me crazy. I gave up looking for a solution a couple of weeks ago, right about this time this was published.
    Thank you for figuring this out for us.

  7. 6. Guest

    Update 72-not working

  8. 7. TehnoBlog (In reply to Guest)

    Hi, it is still working, just tested on 72.0.3626.109 update. You probably missed some step.

  9. 8. Insulated World

    Jesus Christ, I’ve been trying it from time to time for about a year now – similar steps yet it didn’t work. Thanks for this article.

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