YouTube Studio – How To Permanently Switch To Classic

YouTube is pushing really hard on creators to switch to its new YouTube Studio platform (formerly YouTube Creator Studio), which is still in BETA version and lacks a lot of, namely, Analytics features we can only find in Classic at the moment.

How To Permanently Switch To YouTube Creator Classic

In February, YouTube devs started auto-defaulting users to new Studio, regardless of their previous choice. For the time being, Classic is going to stay, but old platform’s days are practically numbered. How can we still switch back to good old classic version and set it to be our default – at least, while it lasts and YouTube doesn’t permanently shut it down?

YouTube Logo

YouTube Logo

We still prefer Classic over new Studio version. Force of habit is probably a dominant cause in this case, let’s admit that right now. Classic still offers a lot of features which Studio doesn’t at the moment, despite the fact that it receives constant updates with ported features and analytics charts literally on a weekly basis, getting new existing and exclusive ones like impressions and click-through rates, performance comparison between videos/channels, and easing access to others, like subscribers per each video and so on.

Still, one feature that we really miss is the x-axis time control. We still cannot select x-axis reporting interval and set it to be weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly or pre-defined rolling range in order to more easily visualize and see cumulative growth (or regression) over time on a simplified chart. With so much data available, it is often easy to miss a forest for a single tree.

For the time being, even if you are auto-defaulted to new Studio, you can still set it back to Classic. How?


Go to Studio > Settings

YouTube Studio Settings

YouTube Studio Settings


Select Creator Studio Classic radio-button

YouTube Creator Classic - How To Permanently Switch

YouTube Creator Classic – How To Permanently Switch


Click SAVE button


Look on the left sidebar and click on Creator Studio Classic (with icon of a person accessing Exit door)



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