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In-Depth Step-by-Step Guide: How To Enable Encrypted Search In Google Chrome by default?

Today I will explain how you can enable encrypted google search engine with SSL connection (SSL = Secure Socket Layer) in Google Chrome browser by default. First of all, what does this “encrypted search” means? Well, it does not mean Google will not know what you type into search box of your browser. That is a common misconception about encryption of the search people these days think of. No, Google will still know what you search for. But, that does not mean that everyone ELSE should know about it, right?

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

So, with this little trick you may set-up your browser to keep all data between YOU and GOOGLE as a complete secret, so no one else can extract some information about your searching behavior, what you like and so on. You may not know this, but whenever you log-in into Gmail , Google PLUS , YouTube , Blogger and other Google Services your data is automatically encrypted. Whatever you do from then onward is ciphered. That simply means that any data you send to Google and Google sends back to you is confidential, so any 3rd party person or website will not know anything about it. That also includes search words you input into search box (or address bar nowadays, serves dual purpose). And about this last part we are talking today.

So, here is the procedure:

STEP 1: Launch Google Chrome, go to MENU button on the right and click Settings

Google Chrome Encrypted Search 1

Google Chrome Encrypted Search – Part 1

STEP 2: In Search options press Manage search engines…

Google Chrome Encrypted Search 2

Google Chrome Encrypted Search – Part 2

STEP 3: Let us examine original search engine settings: As we can see, there is already some presets like Google, Yahoo!, Bing (you may also have Ask and other search engines there). Google is, naturally set as default. But, it is not encrypted, it passes all the data to anyone this way (3rd party websites you visit and so on). As we can see, original query is a very long string that passes not only your keyword(s) you search for, but some other information like Client (your computer, browser etc.), Bookmark status and encoding (language settings, for simplicity).

Google Chrome Encrypted Search 3

Google Chrome Encrypted Search – Part 3



STEP 4: Click on the bottom section form to enter/set your new search engine:

Google Chrome Encrypted Search 4

Google Chrome Encrypted Search – Part 4

My advice is to enter some descriptive/natural name like “Google Encrypted Search” or similar, as for the keyword you may enter whatever you like, but “encrypted” should serve the purpose just perfectly. The last part is the most important one, in the 3rd box you should put this line:

This is for default search page in English, if you prefer local Google page, you should change the two-letter “en” part hl=en into your own ISO 639-1 language code. For example, spanish is es, italian is it, german is de, serbian is sr and so on, I think you’ve got the picture! :)

Just don’t forget to press “DONE” button after this, otherwise the settings will not be saved!

STEP 5: Final step is to select the new row you just entered (you may have to return once again into Manage search engines… menu if Google Chrome exited after pressing “DONE” button) and that’s it!

Google Chrome Encrypted Search 5

Google Chrome Encrypted Search – Part 5


From now on, your search in Google Chrome will be always encrypted whether you are logged-in into Google Services or not.

Here is another benefit of this modification – your search URLs will now be much shorter and easier to read:


original search settings | search word: “test”

encrypted search settings | search word: “test”





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  2. 1. Guest

    Thank you! I did something with google maps and had to install search encrypt. I didn’t appreciate the change. Then I found this site. I appreciate the step by step tutorial as I learn.

  3. 2. CNS

    If I use which claims to have “perfect forward secrecy” … how does it perform a search if my query is encrypted?? (and still have forward secrecy)

    Do you know anything about this search engine?

  4. 3. TehnoBlog (In reply to CNS)

    Encryption is used to prevent 3rd party eves-dropping, it does not prevent communication between you and that “privacy” service.

    If you use 3rd party toolbar or search engine, of course they will know what your queries are. They will collect huge amount of data, and hopefully they will not permanently store it, as they claim. Similar to DuckDuckGo search engine, it is their responsibility to keep their promise about user privacy.

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